I thought it was time I really introduce myself with a little Q & A. After all, I want to feel like we're friends when you come for your shoot & that can't happen if you don't even know who I am! 

My Marketing Assistant asked me a few questions & I answered. Here we go ...

How did your photography business start?
I know everyone says they’ve been doing it forever…but I’ve literally had a camera in my hand since I was EIGHT (20 years ago!)! I worked in a JCP portrait studio in high school, then went off and dabbled on my own for a bit. My business *officially* started in 2014 when I opened my studio and hit the ground running!

What do you love most about photography?

This changes all the time for me! Now that I’m a mama, it’s definitely being able to have these tangible memories to hang onto…because if you’re a mama too then you know that your babies change so much every.single.day – and being able to look back and remember how little they were, the flaky skin, the silly face she only made for a week @ 8 months old, the way she scrunches her nose & squints her eyes when you sing her favorite song…. There I go rambling. Photography helps me remember the priceless little things & that’s SO important!
What gear do you use most frequently?
I have a Canon 5D Mark iii and my Sigma 35 never leaves my camera 

What is your number one goal for all your sessions?
Besides leaving you with some amazing memories, because that’s obviously #1. I want all of my clients to leave their session feeling like they just left their friend’s house! 

If you had to live on a deserted island for a month and could only take five things, what would they be?

My kiddo doesn’t count towards the five, right?  If not I’d need a good book, dark chocolate, my phone (because I’ll need photos & I don’t want to go getting sand all in my big camera!), sunscreen because sunburns on vacation are the WORST & I guess Mr. Burris can tag along too!
If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
My husband’s risotto. To die for, seriously.

You have the whole day off of any kind of responsibilities and $500 to spend, what do you do?
Pedicure, massage, & Target. Lately I’ve been obsessed with buying things for Eloise’s sensory bins & different learning things…weird, but Mom life! So, maybe grab a new pair of shoes for me, something for Mr. B & blow the rest on my favorite girl!

What's your guilty pleasure?

Real Housewives. Every season of every city…kind of embarrassing to admit it out loud.
Do noodles go in chili?
Tell us one fun fact very few people know about you:
I used to be a really good golfer! My dad started teaching me when I was 3 (he played professionally!) and I played through 10th grade…hurt my knee and quit. And if I get the chance to go these days, I’m still pretty decent. AKA, I can still beat the guys 

Alright, do you feel like you know me a little better? Some of these questions were pretty funny to answer & some really made me think! 

Don't worry, if noodles absolutely do not go in your chili, we can still be friends & I will still gladly accept you as a client! 

Meagan Burris is a newborn, baby and family photographer serving Indianapolis, IN and all of Central Indiana. Meagan’s studio is located in New Palestine, IN and her photography clients come to visit her from all over the state.