Burrises in Boston!

Last month we took off to Boston - we went back and forth on going international again this year but decided to get a couple more in country trips under our belt traveling with a baby. Looking back, we TOTALLY could have managed and kicked butt overseas with Eloise but I'm so glad we hit Boston anyways! I went back in 2009 with my school show choir but Josh had never been and I was excited to revisit with him. If you want to take a peek at the entire trip on my insta feed, search #burrisesinboston and it should all be there!

This trip was a lot different than norma for us, only because we did a complete 360 and didn't schedule/plan a THING. We got a lot of recommendations from a local friend and looked it all up, but when it came down to what we were doing on which day we had squat scheduled except for our Saturday Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway. We totally winged it each day and it was a blast - here's what our days ended up being like...and for what it's worth, 4 days/nights in Boston is totally enough. We honestly could have squeezed it all into 3 but it was nice to be a bit more laid back than when we conquered London in 4 days ;)

9am flight, arrived in Boston around 11:30! Gotta love quick non-stop flights, especially with a baby. We had planned to just take the subway to our hotel but, small world, one of the sales reps at Josh's company lives in Boston & was on our flight...so he was kind enough to give us a ride :) A note on leaving or getting to the airport - it IS possible to take the subway but keep in mind if you have an early flight they don't start running until 6 or later depending on the day - and just because they start running at a certain time doesn't mean the station you need will be going then...we figured that out the hard way and just Uber'd back to the airport!

We stayed at the Marriott in Copley Place (here!)- attached to a super nice mall that has it's own access to the T station. It was a great central area and pretty quick to get anywhere we wanted to go. Depending on how long you're there you can get a 1 day or 1 week Charlie pass for the T. It's cheap & the best way to get around!

Places we ate:

  • Tatte in Cambridge - we would have eaten there every day, SO GOOD.

  • Greko on Newbury - quick & amazing.

  • NY ICE on Newbury - rolled ice cream!

  • Ernestos pizza in the North End - Amazing and CHEAP. Literally like $5 for 1/4 of a pizza.

  • Al Dente in the North End - It was really great food, but pricey. Make a reservation!

  • The Friendly Toast - pretty good brunch, but again pricey and not sure it's worth the price.

  • BeeHive - amazzzing brunch. Pricey, but worth it. You need a reservation because people will be lining up before they open their doors.

  • Food stalls at Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall - we did a little bit from everywhere. Make sure you get desserts, too!

Places we visited:

  • The swings at The Lawn on D. One of our favorites of the trip! Make sure you check their site to see if it's closed for private events.

  • Primark. Trust me, you'll be obsessed and then so sad you don't have one at home. It's a 4 story department store with Forever 21 (and cheaper) prices. The entire 4th floor is kids!

  • The Freedom Trail (plan on a solid 4-6 hours if you're going to stop and check everything out, check out the area, etc!)

  • Harvard & MIT in Cambridge. Honestly if we had to do it again, we'd skip MIT. It wasn't much to look at, but Harvard's campus was gorgeous and pretty to walk through!

  • Curious George store in Cambridge. The only one in the world! It was raining the day we went to Cambridge so it was nice to get out of the rain - and Eloise got a new monkey! ;)

  • People watching/walking along Newbury St. It's a really cool area!

  • Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall.

  • The Boston Commons/Boston Public Park.

  • The Boston Tea Party - ridiculously expensive. Like $30/adult. And we heard it wasn't worth it - so we watching from afar ;)

  • Fenway!! If The Red Sox are playing a home game while you're there you gotta go.

  • Take a stroll through China Town, The North End and The South End!

We had such a great trip, and definitely recommend it! If you're taking a little one I definitely recommend babywearing over a stroller (especially on the T), but we did take the stroller out a few times and it was fine! The only downside with Eloise is that she's mobile, but not walking. So everyday we made it a point to stop back at the hotel and let her crawl around and burn off some energy. Can't exactly have her crawling around the streets of Boston ;) But other than that it's definitely a baby/small kiddo friendly trip!