Sharing over 12,000 ounces of breastmilk!

When my breastfeeding journey started with Eloise (it was rocky) I never could have imagined the other babies I would be able to help along the way! Since we had such a rough start I had to pump in the beginning and I ended up with a pretty massive oversupply.

As of today I have donated over 12,000 ounces to other babies! About 5,000oz were donated to a milk bank that fortifies milk for NICU babies, the other 7,000+ were to local mama’s and babies. There were several mama’s that just needed 100-200oz to get by with going back to work or over an illness, but there were two specifics that I was longterm with! The triplets were my first & mama just didn’t produce enough to feed her THREE babies. Together we were able to get them mostly off of formula! I have such a special place in my heart for these girls ❤️

After the triplets turned one I was planning to start weaning from the pump but a family friend reached out asking about milk. Long story short, her little man needed breastmilk and wouldn’t take formula…I gave her everything I had but my supply had significantly dropped since Eloise was a bit older now so I reached out to my friend/client/fellow overproducing mama and together we got this little man to his first birthday (and beyond) completely and 100% on breastmilk! Such an amazing feeling that I contributed to that little man’s leg rolls! 😉 His mama asked if we could do photos so we took the annual breastfeeding shoot as the perfect opportunity and I am so in love! Love the special bond we all have now, and love this sweet little guy so much! ❤️

My girl is still nursing strong at 18 months but I am finalllly almost completely weaned off the pump and so excited to be free of it on our next vacation! ;)